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Expert Appraisals and Reports

Expert Appraisals and Reports



Audiconsulting has a multidisciplinary team of auditors, lawyers, economists and consultants with the skills required to offer the best professional service and an objective result based on technical training and experience.


What do we do?

We provide our clients with an expert appraisal and report service that guarantees maximum reliability at all times. Specialists and professionals with well consolidated knowledge and experience provide carefully argued opinions for authoritative inclusion in judicial or arbitration proceedings.

The experts who prepare and, in all cases, sign the reports will ratify them in the hearings and defend the content in court.

What use does it serve?

Expert appraisals and reports have become a key tool in cases of controversies, such as valuations or divisions and in most law suits and arbitration proceedings where technical knowledge is required.

Our professionals involved in the appraisals have the right official qualifications and experience to ensure their opinions and reports are efficient with the necessary expert rigour. This is essential for lawsuits, as courts give greater credence to opinions issued by experienced, specialist experts with the right official qualifications.