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Registered Customers

Registered Customers

Your Satisfaction is Our Best Guarantee

shutterstock_133714511Softland was born with a firm commitment: to make life easier for each one of our customers. Therefore, everything revolves around your satisfaction until it becomes our way of understanding life. Our goal is that you trust us so we can accompany you throughout your business life.

In order to exceed the expectations of our clients, our intention is to achieve these goals by offering the highest quality and innovation possible. This is the reason why maintaining a service of excellence is paramount for the achievement of our mission.


Access To Internal Tools

Below you can choose and access the different tools we have available for you in order to receive one of our services. Each one of them will allow you to do different actions/enquiries to obtain the best service:

Customer Care (QRS) Support Request Consulting Services

At Softland, we are convinced that the current environment is global and that we must increasingly customize customer service. Here is the staff structure that will provide your specialized services in each area:

Once the implementation process has been completed and the project has been closed, our customers can reach the Customer Care Department to directly and comprehensively address all their service needs. This department channels general, functional and technical queries and, at the same time, it records service orders for remote or on site visits through Counseling by Business Consultants and Contract Management. Additionally, through the International Customer Care Center (CIAC), we provide Customer Service and Remote Support.

Counseling by Business Consultants and Contract Management

With time, firms face rapid and constant changes to adapt to the environment and market conditions. To take full advantage of the technological platform provided by Softland ERP, we have Business Consultants that provide recommendations and use diagnoses of the variety of modules of Softland ERP. This analysis is designed to transform and optimize your current platform according to the level of utilization of your Softland ERP management software. Once interviews are carried out and needs have been identified, an optimization plan is created and then the Training and Consulting Area takes charge, following customer’s approval.

Knowing we are your technological partner, we have personnel to cater for any particular situation regarding your contract; which guarantees your investment in time. This is handled through the area known as Contract Management.

One of the key elements that set Softland apart is its functional remote service that is provided by means of the CIAC. It is formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals in different areas who are dedicated to applying their knowledge to the queries of customers about the variety of modules of Softland ERP.

To access this service, it is mandatory to have a current Maintenance and Remote Support Contract (known as CASR for its Spanish acronym).

The hours of operation of the International Customer Care Center (CIAC) are Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 6 pm, Costa Rican time (GMT-6).

Remote support is provided in the following ways:

[–ICONO-phone–] Our clients have the option of being catered through the phone or they can leave a phone message to get a call back, according to our internal queuing system. Remote support is provided through a direct line from:

  • Costa Rica: (506) 2239-6565
  • El Salvador: (503) 2210-2286
  • Panamá: (507) 834-0151
  • Rep. Dominicana: (809) 562-9925
  • México: 01-800-123-3122
  • Colombia: (574) 311-0707

[–ICONO-cloud–] You can access our service system through Internet at the following link: http://audiconsulting.com/solicitudCIAC/

You can leave your query at this address and an agent will address it based on a queuing system that follows a first-in, first-out model. We prioritize Premium customers. At this link you can also report any incident related to your product.

[–ICONO-chat–] By entering the customer’s area at http://webchat.softland.cr/ you will receive online support from one of our area professionals according to your need. This service is exclusively for Premium customers. [–Limpiar–]
[–ICONO-headphones–] The Customer Care Center has an application that helps identify the customer who contacts us. It validates the status of the contract and enters attention requests for consultants of CIAC through an attention queue. It seeks to ensure that every customer is served and to eliminate the likelihood of missed calls.
[–ICONO-briefcase–] To solve any doubts or problems quickly and efficiently, you can establish a remote desktop management session. This is equivalent to having an expert consultant in your office at the time you need one. Acknowledging the importance of your security and ours, we use tools that do not require public addresses to establish a connection.
[–ICONO-key–] All our customers can view the attention queue at the attached link so they can organize their agendas. Simply type in your access code to view your position and estimated service time: http://scc.softland.cr/home/index/.
[–ICONO-email–] ciac@softland.cr: Your e-mails will be read and responded by specialized consultants.
SC@softland.cr: Any doubts or queries about any of our services will be handled and channeled by a customer service executive.
[–ICONO-stackoverflow–] ftp.softland.cr: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol for file transfers between systems connected to a network where our customers will be able to find all the documentation and installers of Softland ERP versions.